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Weatherford sits on I-20, which puts the nation’s largest inland metropolitan area in easy reach. One of two Texas intermodal facilities is in Fort Worth. DFW International Airport is less than an hour’s drive. And Texas is #1 in global shipping. It’s all here, big as life.

In Weatherford, it’s easy to move people and products locally, nationally, and globally. Four major interstates connect to the #1 road and freight system in the U.S. One of two state intermodal facilities is nearby at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth. Any U.S. destination can be reached by air in less than four hours with service from international, regional, and local airports. Sixteen state seaports offer 11 deep-water ports with channels at least 30 feet deep—one reason why Texas leads the nation in global exports every year.


  • The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has the second-largest number of freeway miles per capita in the U.S. (second to the Kansas City Metropolitan Area).
  • Texas has more miles of public roads (over 313,220) and freight rail (10,425) than any other state. 
  • I-20 in Weatherford and most interstates and freeways in the Metroplex have access or frontage roads for easy access to businesses. Access roads feature ramps that allow traffic to move easily between the freeway and access road.
  • Two north-south interstate highways, I-35 and I-45. Two east-west highways I-30 and I-20. I-30 connects Dallas and Fort Worth and continues on through Weatherford. I-45 connects Dallas and Houston.
  • In 2016, Texas began dedicating a portion of state sales tax to improving transportation, which allows transportation funding to increase by as much as $4.5 billion every year without raising taxes, fees, tolls, or debt.



The Alliance Global Logistics Hub, north of Fort Worth and east of Weatherford, is one of the world’s premier inland ports. It features:

  • BNSF Railway Alliance Intermodal Facility 

  • Two Class I rail lines (BNSF and UP) 

  • Fort Worth Alliance Airport, the world’s first 100% industrial airport 

  • Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • Triple Freeport Inventory Tax Exemption 
  • Air cargo ground handling and aviation services 
  • Third-party logistics 


  • Texas offers the second largest state airport system in the U.S.

  • 380 airports in the state (28 commercial)

  • Weatherford is less than an hour’s drive from Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW), the largest and busiest airport in the state and 6th largest in the world
  • DFW is home to American Airlines, the world’s largest airline
  • Love Field in Dallas is home to Southwest Airlines, the world’s largest low-cost carrier
  • Texas is the #1 state for manufacturing exports and shipment value


  • Texas contains four of the top 10 ports in the United States

  • 16 state seaports, 11 of them being deep water ports offering channels at least 30 feet deep
  • 11 ports are designated as Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ), which encourages the flow of goods without formal customs entry, import quotas, and most other restrictions

True Texas Fact

Business Facilities magazine named Texas #1 in business climate, infrastructure, and exports.

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