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Many people equate “quality of life” with a lot of recreational activities or a busy social calendar. It’s more than that. In Weatherford, we believe it’s living your life in a place where your spiritual, family, business, and personal interests have the best chance to blossom and grow.

TIME magazine said, “Texas is America’s America.” That’s true. And so is this: Weatherford is True Texas. You can enjoy the best of city and country here. We’re home to a historic downtown that’s undergoing a dramatic renaissance. There are barbeque restaurants, museums, rodeos, and family-oriented festivals throughout the year. This is horse country, a place with ranches and rolling hills that soothe the soul and spirit.

You can own land here, whether it’s a half-acre or a dozen or more. Our population of younger workers and growing families is driving the growing trend toward what is natural, organic, and sustainable. Our mountain bike trail attracts thousands of riders every month. Hip stores and feed stores are next door to each other. At the same time, there is a great love of history and heritage. Weatherford’s Chamber of Commerce building is housed in a former rail station built in 1908 (Santa Fe Depot).

In a major community survey, hundreds of residents offered their views of what they love about our city. Comments like “small-town feeling” and “you always run into someone you know” were cited again and again. A lot of people mentioned frontier spirit, too. Weatherford isn’t just the western frontier of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we’re a true frontier community, just like we were in the mid-1800’s. Walk around our city. Talk to our people. You’ll soon see what we mean.

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